Master Jennifer Branch TKD History

Master Jennifer Branch, 7th Dan
Martial Arts Training and Commendations:

1974- Began Taekwondo training under Grandmaster Roy Kurban at the American Black Belt Academy in Arlington, Texas.

1975-2010 – Competed in local, national, and international events

1981 – Top 5 Jr. Fighter in Texas, A.O.K.

1982 – Top 10 Jr. Competitor – Southwest Region, Official Karate Yearbook

1984-87 – Top 3 Adult Competitor, Forms & Fighting, A.O.K.

1985-87 – Regionally Ranked Forms and Fighting, Karate Illustrated Magazine

1990-95 – Top Competitor, Eagle Award Winner, Traditional Karate League

1996 – Texas State TKD Championships, Gold & Silver Medalist

1996 – First Female to perform Demonstrations at Ft. Worth International TKD Championships

1996 – US National TKD Championships, US Olympic Training Center, Silver Medalist

1996 – Awarded 5th Dan Master Certificate under the aegis of Grandmaster Kurban and Grandmaster Won Chik Park, World TKD Federation

2008 – Battle of Atlanta, 1st Fighting, 2nd Forms

2008 – Awarded 6th Dan under Grandmaster Kurban and Grandmaster Won Chik Park, USTKD Grandmaster Society

2009 – W.T.F. US National Qualifier, Sport Poomsae, Gold Medalist

2010 – 42nd Annual US Karate Championships, Texas Legends Team Match

2014 – Awarded 7th Dan under Grandmaster Kurban and Grandmaster Won Chik Park, USTKD Grandmasters Society and the American Karate Black Belt Association.

2018 – Who’s Who Legends Award presented by American Martial Arts Alliance.